Need for Protection

Permanent protection of our unique and scenic wild lands and rivers will:

  • Ensure that residents and farmers alike will have a sustainable source of clean water for drinking and agriculture. The Los Padres National Forest provides drinking water for communities in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties.
  • Ensure that current and future generations can continue to camp, hike, hunt, fish, see wildlife, horseback ride, rock climb, and backpack in these unique places.
  • Sustain the ecological future of 468 species of wildlife and over 1,200 plant species.
  • Protect our region’s tourism industry that attracts visitors from around the globe.

What permanent protection will NOT do:

  • Close legally open roads or other motorized vehicle routes.
  • Affect access to and the use of private lands.
  • Eliminate any tools that are available to federal or state firefighters to keep people safe.
  • Eliminate existing livestock grazing.
  • Affect the state’s authority to regulate water rights.

Economic Impact

Outdoor recreation fuels economic growth across California. The Outdoor Industry Foundation reports that the outdoor retail industry contributes $85.4 billion annually to California’s economy, supporting 732,000 local jobs.2  Preserving portions of the Los Padres National Forest as wilderness and wild and scenic rivers would enable the region to continue to offer locals and visitors a wide array of outdoor and tourism experiences and helps protect the economy of surrounding communities.

By the numbers:

  • 07 million Total visitor days for the Los Padres National Forest over a one year period.¹
  • $24.1 million Amount that recreationists already spend each year while visiting the Los Padres National Forest. ¹
  • $85.4 billion Amount the outdoor recreation industry contributes annually to California’s economy.²
  • 732,000 Number of California jobs supported by outdoor recreation. ²

With hundreds of miles of trails, crystal clear streams, and extraordinary ocean and mountain vistas, the Los Padres National Forest provides outstanding recreational opportunities. Local residents and visitors flock to the Los Padres to hike, camp, have a picnic, relax, go fishing, see wildlife, and participate in other nature-related activities.

Based on Forest Service surveys, visitors to the forest include people from across California, the United States, and even the world. Visitors to the Los Padres National Forest contribute to the local economy by buying gas, groceries, eating in restaurants and staying in nearby lodging when they visit the forest. The average amount of money spent per party is $436.001. Annual visitor spending in and around the Los Padres National Forest tops $24 million.¹

1 United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service National Visitor Use Monitoring Data
2 Outdoor Industry Foundation Active Outdoor Recreation Economy Report:

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